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Get An A+ in Business with This Book

A No-Nonsense BS* Degree is the quintessential book for entrepreneurs on how to start and keep a business running. Different from a traditional business degree, it's a step-by-step no- nonsense indispensable guide. Replete with often outrageous (but true!) examples, the author dispels the myths, speaks the truth, and shows you how to ace the tumultuous world of entrepreneurship. Hold on to your hat as you earn your unofficial degree in business.

Meet Adrienne Streeter

Adrienne is a straight-talking small business owner who has owned her successful printing business for over 40 years! Taking a leap of faith with her husband by opening their own storefront shop, she learned early on the power of hard work, trial and error and perseverance to achieve success in the world of business.
Coming from a family of printers, ink has been running through her veins since the age of 7. However, it wasn't merely the industry expertise that propelled her to success: mastering the art of customer service, deciphering profit/loss statements, determining how to price her services, and navigating the world of business were pivotal.

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